Frame Sideboard Collection With Rounded Corners

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Frame Sideboard Collection With Rounded Corners

We are all used to see ordinary cabinets of different types of wood and plywood but the collection we are featuring today is none of that kind! Designer Alain Gilles created Frame Sideboard collection for Italian manufacturer Bonaldo, and these cabinets are sure to catch your eye!

The Frame Sideboard collection uses a metal structure as a skeleton for building a sideboard: it supports the internal boards which can be slid in, so it’s not just design, it’s a more architectural principle. The side panels and top panel are then applied to the structure while leaving a gap along all the edges to reveal the structure. The metal structure isn’t only the bones, it’s visible and adds to the look of the sideboard, there’s a contrast between the metal and wood, and sometimes marble on the top.

The edges of the supporting structure are further revealed by small chamfers and large rounded gaps, these rounded corners are a distinctive feature of the collection. Another chic idea implemented into these sideboards is using contrasting colors and finishes between the various elements, which makes the furniture look more modern and edgy. Get inspired!

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