Comfy Patricius 1 Chair With A Refined Feel

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Comfy Patricius 1 Chair With A Refined Feel

Paying attention to the quality objects was a habit of noble people during the golden age of the Roman Empire. They loved luxury and beautiful items, and Russian designer Sergey Senchin decided to make a tribute to those refined furniture pieces that Romans used to love.

The Patricius 1 chair repeats the archetypical form of ancient Rome furniture. The metal rod forms the body of the chair and creates a balanced, sculptural quality that can be appreciated from any angle. The seat is made of oak veneered plywood. The whole construction looks very modern and even minimalist, the material combo is very simple yet nice: metal and plywood are great basic materials to use, and they go well with each other.

Such a basic and kind of stripped construction is a nice fit for any modern space, and though it looks very lightweight, it’s very stable and comfortable for sitting. Get a couple of such stylish chairs for your home!

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